PFC BPT Public Anouncement Aug 2017

Jefferson County and the Jack Brooks Regional Airport (BPT) plan to continue the maximum Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) collection rate allowable of $4.50 per enplaned passenger. We anticipate collection to begin when the previous application is fully realized currently estimated to be September 1, 2019. The total amount of revenue to be collected under this application is $784,878.ThePFCexpirationdateforthe proposed PFC fundedprojectsisestimatedtobeApril 1, 2027. The various projects anticipated are outlined below and a more detailed project description can be viewed at BPT’s management offices in the terminal building during normal business hours over the next 30 days.

  1. Runway 12-30 (reimbursement): Design and reconstruction of a segment of RW 12-30 where
    pavement was failing.
    a. (Total Project Cost – $3,926,531 / AIP Funds – $3,533,878 / Local/PFC – $392,653)
    b. (AIP Grant #s 30/31)
  2. PFC Applications (reimbursement): New PFC application to authorize continued PFC impose and
    use for airfield and terminal area improvement projects.
    a. (Total Project Cost – $19,000 / AIP Funds – $0 / Local/PFC – $19,000)
  3. Taxiway D (reimbursement): Design and Reconstruction of portion of TWY D.
    a. (Total Project Cost – $2,715,263 / AIP Funds – $2,443,737 / Local/PFC – $271,526)
    b. (AIP Grant # 29/30)
  4. Update Airport Master Plan (reimbursement): Aerial survey in accordance with AC 150/5300-
    18B. Update to the Airport Layout Plan (ALP).
    a. (Total Project Cost – $159,000 / AIP Funds – $143,100 / Local/PFC – $15,900)
    b. (AIP Grant # 29)
  5. Runway Safety Area (reimbursement): Design and construction to bring the runway safety
    areas for Runway 12/30 and Runway 16/34 in compliance with FAA standards.
    a. (Total Project Cost – $220,384 / AIP Funds – $198,346 / Local/PFC – $22,038)
    b. (AIP Grant # 29/30)
  6. Runway 16-34 (reimbursement): Rehabilitation/construction to improve pavement for Runway
    a. (Total Project Cost – $317,618 / AIP Funds – $285,856 / Local/PFC – $31,761)
    b. (AIP Grant # 30/31)
  7. Aircraft rescue and firefighting equipment acquisition (reimbursement): Purpose of ARFF
    proximity/bunker suits/gear that were past their useful life.
    a. (Total Project Cost – $32,000 / AIP Funds – $0 / Local/PFC – $32,000);

All improvements are or will be designed in conformance with applicable FAA advisory circulars.

The total capital cost of these projects, completed and anticipated, is $7,389,796. Of this amount, the FAA has or will provide funding under various Airport Improvement Program (AIP) federal grants in the amount of $6,604,917. PFCs provide $784,878 for reimbursement of previously expended BPT/County funding.

Comments or a written request for more detailed project descriptions should be sent to JackBrooks Regional Airport, 5000 Jerry Ware Drive, Suite 100, Beaumont, TX 77705.

Attention: Megan Landry – Airport Financial Analyst

PFC BPT Public Anouncement Aug 2017 | PDF

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Press Release – January 25, 2013

SETX Flights to DFW taking off!

Beginning February 14, 2013, Southeast Texans will be able to fly direct from Jack Brooks Regional Airport to Dallas/Fort Worth, where they can connect to over 180 destinations.

American Airlines (AA) representatives have been touring Southeast Texas to create awareness about the return of AA to Jack Brooks Regional Airport. The representatives have also been touting a rewards program that offers double miles for the first few months of service, if you join the free AAdvantage program available at

Alex Rupp, manager at Jack Brooks, says that the convenience alone is worth getting excited about but also stresses that flying from Southeast Texas, “saves time, involves less stress, helps reinvest in our local community, and puts less wear and tear on your car.” Also, he adds, parking at Jack Brooks is free.

Download the full press release.

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Press Release – December 15, 2012

Jack Brooks teams up with e.Sullivan Advertising & Design.

Jack Brooks Regional Airport has teamed up with e.Sullivan Advertising & Design to launch a new advertising campaign to promote the upcoming American Airlines nonstop service between Southeast Texas and AA’s hub in Dallas/Fort Worth. The advertising campaign educates and informs, while harnessing the excitement of this turning point in Southeast Texas travel options. See more of the campaign on e.Sullivan’s websitethe e.Sullivan Facebook page or the Jack Brooks Regional Airport Facebook page.
e.Sullivan Advertising & Design Airport billboard
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